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Luxurious car camping: the inflatable tent
Wave goodbye to traditional camping in the open field. Audi Q3 promotes car camping like never before, with an outstanding inflatable and attached architecture ready to replace traditional on-grass tenting
Don’t Let the Avoidable Spoil Your Summer
As summer is starting to get is bearings, health officials are warning people to take caution against summer threats like certain insects, sunburn and food poisoning.
Sizzling Summer: Enjoy the Sun and Avoid the Burn
Warmer weather means you can finally leave your home and have some serious fun outdoors. Climb a tree, chase a bug, hike, swim, do whatever gets your blood pumping! However, there is a common problem during summer and spring: sunburn can cause your skin to become tender, red and even scaly. Without the appropriate protection of clothing and sunscreen, sunburn can cause long-term damage, as well as considerable pain and discomfort.