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Fishing revolution: best tips gathered
Hook your bait the pro way and give up your rookie ritual of ice fishing. If you have your mind set on a different kind of winter sport, ice fishing may turn out to splash a refreshing wave on your idea of seasonal fun.
Not your ordinary camping spot
A poll was recently made in the US in order to discover some of the best camping spots. There were over 26 entries, ranging from the more popular destinations such as the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas, the Ludington State Park in Michigan or the Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona, to other more remote and less known spots on the continent. We’ve therefore decided to share with you one of the more intriguing entries of the poll, a fascinating destinations which is probably not your ordinary camping spot.
Top mountains to conquer in the US
As we know that most of our customers/ potential customers are true nature enthusiasts, we’ve decided to put together what we think are some of the most thrilling mountains to climb in the US.