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Fishing revolution: best tips gathered

If you want to pull this off like a genuine professional are you giving it a serious thought, don’t rush into an amateur-like approach. You’re much better off if you play by the rules listed in the ABC of ice fishing.

Make your bait an easy target and hook it by the tail, instead of taking the high road and going for the mouth. This way you are much more likely to attract predator fish and boost your fishing record with some impressive catch.

It’s all in the hook, as you might have inferred from the title itself. In ice fishing, the way you attract fish lies in the minnow hooking. Calculate the distance you pinch it off at. You should go rather backwards if you are aiming for more bulk.

Stay away from fluorescent lines. It may be visible to you, but higher visibility entails more awareness for the pray. Lure fish the old-fashioned way and rely on the other fishing accessories to help you keep sight of your line.

Size matters! Tiny fish will never go for a large bait and the rule applies both ways. Aggressive species are much  more tempted by considerably sized bait to grab onto.

The tips and tricks session is over! It’s time to go ice fishing and expand on your wintery entertainment horizons.

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Created on: 12/5/2014 9:17 AM
Fishing revolution
Great advices!
Created on: 1/27/2015 4:38 AM
best tips gathered
Really awesome post!